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Celebrating Valentine's Day at Home

Ash Tsuji

Born and raised in Hilo, Ash Graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa with a bachelors in Communication and a published paper in the Journ...

Born and raised in Hilo, Ash Graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa with a bachelors in Communication and a published paper in the Journ...

Feb 12 7 minutes read

If last year taught us anything, it's to appreciate the little moments and hold loved ones a little tighter.

That’s why Team Nakanishi encourages you to celebrate Valentine's day, even if it's a little different this year. 

Love can manifest in many ways, and regardless of how, it deserves to be celebrated!  Here are ideas for how to celebrate self-love, family love, or romantic love - all from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Love is in the air, self-love that is! 

Never underestimate the power and value in nurturing the relationship that you have with yourself. Self-love nourishes confidence, joy, and success within you. With it comes the great power to breathe light into every corner of your life. Try one of the following suggestions below, and if you say it doesn’t lift your mood just a little, we don’t believe you!

Pamper yourself with wellness treatments

An at-home facial, herbal bath, or a manicure while listening to your favorite Spotify playlist or wellness podcasts. Treatments that soothe the body and soul will instantly uplift you.

  Here are 6 wellness podcasts recommendations

Pick up your favorite blooms

Fresh flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, invoking long-term positive effects. Create a space for yourself that lights you up and fills you up. Fresh flowers, soft music, or an organized home base can help create a peaceful and relaxing living area.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up

Spend time with those who elevate your mindset and inspire you. This month, invite someone whose energy you enjoy to join you at home for an online yoga class, YouTube meditation session, online cooking class, or any other activity you enjoy doing with friends. You can even take one of my Dance Fitness classes on Na Leo TV or Zoom. Just email me for the links!

Celebrate Family Aloha

The ohana unit has been brought closer together now more than ever. Get the keiki together and brainstorm sweet ideas on how to make each other feel special.

Ohana style heart inspired brunch

This year Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, which is all the more reason to make a special brunch.  Pinterest search Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas for all the inspiration you will need and more!

Karaoke Night

This will guarantee family fun! Prepare the pupus, singing machine,  and playlist together, and get down with your bad self. Amazon even has a portable karaoke microphone!

Become a backyard eplorer

`Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo teaches people about Hawaiian language and culture with a focus on local science research, cultural advancement and environmental stewardship. They have bunch of crafts and online activates you can do this Valentine's day, and all year around!

Cuddle up and watch a movie

Nothing says love like a good cuddle. Make sure the whole family feels the love by letting everyone vote on the feature film for the night. Here is a list of 23 Valentine's Day movies by Lifehack to help you get started.

Want to show your home some love too?

Take a look at our 10-Day Declutter Challenge.

Celebrate Romantic Love 

Here are a few unique ways to turn your home into a romantic sanctuary and celebrate your love.

Virtual Mixology Class

Craft your own cocktails with some help from the Virtual Mixology course from Cheers to a fun and unique date idea.  They will teach you the essentials of cocktail making, from developing your palate to building your home bar. Learn how to mix a perfectly balanced drink for every occasion and mood—and become your friends’ new favorite bartender.

Make a vision board together and plan future trips

Make a collaborative travel vision board and map out the places you would love to visit together. You will be surprised at how fun the process can be of letting your adventurous spirit think of all the travel possibilities once we can dust our passports and get some new stamps. 

Surprise romantic indoor / outdoor picnic

Recreate your favorite date so far. Cook the same meals you ordered, recreate the setting and the lighting and add that special touch. Don’t forget to dress up in your best aloha wear for the occasion!

Create a scavenger hunt 

Keep your relationship exciting by creating a scavenger hunt for each other. You can write clues and place them around the home, leading to a sweet surprise at the end. Here are some great ideas from Pinterest.

Not in love with home anymore?

If you’re thinking about moving into a new home, we can help you find the perfect place to cuddle up for your next date night. 

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