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How Proximity Affects Your Home Value

Denise S. Nakanishi

Denise Nakanishi is one of Hilo's most acclaimed real estate agents...

Denise Nakanishi is one of Hilo's most acclaimed real estate agents...

Feb 13 2 minutes read

Location, location, location. 

You’ve definitely heard how important this is in real estate — and that's because it's true! Location is a crucial factor when it comes to the value of your home. Not only does the part of town you are in matter, but what's physically near you can  help or hinder your property value. We put together a list of the most important proximity factors that will increase as well as decrease your home value.

Factors that increase home value


Homebuyers who have children are willing to pay more to live closer to schools, especially ones that have a good reputation and high academic scores.


In most cases, homes that tend to be in walking distance or a short drive from movie theaters, golf courses, and parks usually sell for more than homes farther away.


Homes close to grocery and shopping stores usually sell for more. Being close to a popular grocery store like KTA has shown to increase your home value and having a 24-hour Walmart less than half a mile away has shown value increases of 2-3%.

Outdoor Recreation

Having great scenery and access to outdoor recreation like the ocean, mountains, and parks usually increase a home’s value.

Sought-After Views

Depending on where you live, things like ocean views, mountains, or golf courses tend to increase value and even help sell your home faster.  


We all love a good cup of joe in the morning, especially if you like to make a quick stop on the way to work. According to Forbes, homes that are within a quarter-mile of a Starbucks, have appreciated 96%.

Factors that decrease home value

Power Plants

Aside from being an eyesore, toxic emissions released from power plants will not only decrease the air quality but the value of your home. In fact, the University of California at Berkeley has found that homes within 2 miles of power plants could be worth 3-7% less.

Busy Areas

Although being close to highways, airports, and busy intersections is convenient, it can be pretty noisy when you're at home, which could drop its value. 


Areas and neighborhoods with higher crime rates tend to decrease home values. The American Economic Review has found that if a registered sex offender were to move into your area, it could reduce your home value by 12%.

Bad Schools

As we said above, the good quality schools are a big priority for some home buyers so homes located in areas with a low-ranking or closed down school could result in a home value reduction of up to 22.2%.

Cemeteries & Funeral Homes

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the thought of living near a cemetery or funeral home is a bit eerie. According to, homes with a cemetery close by could be priced 12% less than homes in other nearby areas.


You may think that being right around the corner from a hospital is a good thing in the case of emergency, but with hospitals comes ambulances and sirens. And there’s no telling what time of day or how many times a day you might hear these noises. Hospitals in close proximity have decreased home values by around 3%

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