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What Are Your Resolutions?

Denise S. Nakanishi

Denise Nakanishi is one of Hilo's most acclaimed real estate agents...

Denise Nakanishi is one of Hilo's most acclaimed real estate agents...

Oct 29 3 minutes read

If you still watch commercials on television, you'll have noticed an uptick in ads for Weight Watchers, Chantix and the 24 Hour Gym.  A browse through Costco presents opportunities to get healthy, organized or freshen up your home.  It's that time of year when we feel like we get a do-over in life.  We get a clean slate that has no record of our past failures. 

There are definitely three kinds of people that make themselves known this time of year. 

The Resistant- How many people do you know that hate New Year's Resolutions?  Everyone has their reason for eschewing a popular tradition but probably one of the most common reasons is that it is pointless.  They think that resolutions never stick anyway.

The Enthusiast-This guy kind of proves the point of the Resistant.  They have grand ideas, good intentions and seem very interested in being successful but all seems to fall apart pretty quickly.  The more steadfast person might have the gym to themselves by mid-February as the enthusiasm fades in this group.  

So, who does stick to their resolutions and why? 

The Resolved-Here is the mightiest of the goal-setters.  These are the same people who create 5-year plans and work them.  It takes strong will-power but it also takes support and realistic planning. The truly resolute know how to make it work.

The American Psychological Association advises being realistic, chopping up big goals into small bites, working on one habit at a time and finding support.  I know people who use mentors like Darren Hardy or other life coaches to keep them on track throughout the year, but hiring a local life coach or just partnering with a friend works, too.  Interestingly enough, the more people who know your goals, the more likely you are to succeed.

Whether you are the Enthusiast or the Resolved, be kind to yourself.  And know that even if you have slip ups in 2018, you can still finish strong if you get back on the horse.  Don't forget to reward yourself.

If your goals are to lose weight or quit smoking I can cheer you on.  But if your goal is to buy your first home (or to move up or downsize), I can help you with that.

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