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Summertime Means Garage Sales

Garage Sale..........Tag Sale............Yard Sale...........Estate Sale...........Rummage Sale.......

Whatever you call it, there's still some summer left for bargain shopping the used market before Saturdays are taken up with soccer or other obligations.

If you are like my friend, you can turn garage sale shopping into a fun Saturday morning past time, and find great bargains to boot.  I'm amazed at the things she finds.  Like-new appliances, Manuhealii or Sig Zane for pennies on the dollar, and oh, the Ross stuff at cheaper-than-Ross prices with tags still on. 

Admittedly, since the advent of Craigslist, not only are big ticket items harder to find at garage sales, but they aren't the bargains they used to be.  Still, great stuff can be found.  Take a friend and some cash, get breakfast on the way, and be ready to entertain each other with funky finds.

Below is the secret Hilo route to the good garage sales.  This like a treasure map and is eagerly sought out by pirates and explorers alike.  But my friend is sharing it with you for free.  Save her some good stuff.

Follow the orange route, watch for signs (the icons mark the most posted corners), drive safely and tell us what you find!

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