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Real Estate and Football (Who's Your Coach?)

Denise S. Nakanishi

Denise Nakanishi is one of Hilo's most acclaimed real estate agents...

Denise Nakanishi is one of Hilo's most acclaimed real estate agents...

Oct 29 3 minutes read

Down South, football rules! I come from a strong lineage of Southern football fanatics including my father who attended high school only in the fall. By doing so, he could extend his playing eligibility until age 22! Of course, at 5’3”, he was built more like a chest freezer than an actual football player, but that didn’t seem to deter him.

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With the assistance of my trusty DVR, football fanaticism lives on! As Bobby Bowden coached his last game on New Year’s Day, it occurred to me how opposing coaches often mimic the players in a real estate transaction. It especially struck me how coaches on opposite sidelines often mimic the “coaches” involved in a real estate transaction.

Your Real Estate Professional is Like Your Coach

As much as any profession, those successful in the game of real estate are extremely competitive. Even though the opposing “coaches” have the same mission, they often employ notably very different methods. The Bobby Bowden’s of the real estate world are easy to work with. They tend to make it easy for other agents to show their listings. In fact, they seek opportunities to work with others. They are happy for the success of competitors and know that there is enough business for everyone.

It’s my impression that most people do not fully consider how the personality of their agent impacts the sales process beyond their direct interaction with them. It’s not a stretch to imagine that an unpleasant agent can really impede a transaction.

Winning at All Cost Can Be Costly

Even the most laid back REALTORS® are fiercely competitive by nature. A good sense of humor and a true love for the job helps temper this competitive spirit. But just as in college football, “winning” should not be everything. Winning should never run contrary to the best interest of the players. Players (and real estate clients) sense when the game is so intense that winning is the only goal.

Some “coaches” are, in fact, so intense that they might even be considered downright unpleasant.
It’s only human nature that even if unknowingly, we avoid them and (perhaps unconsciously) because of association, we also avoid their clients. It’s an important issue not covered in any agent interview checklist I’ve ever seen. And while FSU may not always be the team I’m cheering for, I can’t help but admire Bobby Bowden’s style.

For me, whether it’s 2016 or long after I reach 80, it’s that down-to-earth, pleasant “dawg gone it” attitude that I always hope to emulate as I interact with others in my real estate business!

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