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Housing Hook Ups

As evacuees from lava and SO2 are moving from their temporary safe havens (shelters, friends' homes, etc) into more permanent conditions, they find themselves needing resources to be able to find a new home or afford a new home.

This is the Aloha State so there is no shortage of help.  In addition to the traditional and official organizations like Salvation Army and Red Cross, some stellar private citizens have stepped up to the plate and have shined brightly in their unofficial capacity in helping fellow citizens in need.  I'd like to take some time to bring your attention to them, in case you don't know and want to help or be helped.

Let's start with Pu'uhonuo o Puna, now affectionately known as The Hub.  It is physically located on the corner of Highway 130 and Pahoa Kapoho Rd in Pahoa across from the high school.  From practically day 1, volunteers have been boots on the ground, providing shelter, food and necessities for temporary evacuees.  They take just about any kine donation and word on the street is they are now taking household goods for those who have acquired permanent housing but have to start all over.  Visit their facebook page to see what is currently needed or offered.  Almost all unofficial donation centers and Amazon "wish list" collectors are taking their collections to The Hub.

Second, on facebook are two different groups who are hooking up people who have housing to offer with people who need it.  Some temporary; some permanent.  Some offer a work/trade and others offer lower than market rent.  Those two are here and here.

And last, aside from FEMA, there are organizations who are offering help with the cost of housing, either in the form of rent or mortgage.  One is the Hawaii Island Realtors.  Visit their page here to apply for assistance.  Deadline is September 1, 2018.

Another is Catholic Charities of Hawaii who is disbursing $10,000 to people who need help affording temporary housing.  Those who are affected by lava and wish to apply for emergency subsidies through CCH can contact their Hilo office at (808) 935-4673.  They are also taking more donations here.

If you know of any other lesser known NGO's or private unofficial groups doing a great job helping, please let us know and we will add it to this blog.

And of course, if you are in a position to buy a home, I am glad to help.

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