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Fall is the Season for Buyers

It's no secret that the real estate market tends to be most active in the Spring and Summer.  The weather is more cooperative, inventory is up and it's the perfect time to make that big move before the kids start school again.  

East Hawaii has seen a pretty robust market this year which is to a seller's advantage.

But did you know that Fall is actually the best season to be a buyer?

Less competition; more browse time

After the flurry of activity during Spring and Summer, buyers have either found their homes or have decided to delay shopping until the next Spring.  With fewer buyers out there, the pressure is lower to move quickly.  Hilo had a very robust Spring and Summer and homes were receiving multiple offers and buyers were having to think and move fast.

Better leverage

Homes that have been listed in the Fall, are usually done so because the seller needs to sell.  Or, it's possible that homes on the market have been sitting since Summer and now the seller is motivated to consider a lower price.  Either way, you can leverage this time to your advantage.  Instead of a bidding war, you might be able to even offer less.  Statistics show that homes sold in the Fall sell for about 2% less than predicted market value.

Holidays are coming

Just like buyers tend to want to be in a new home before school starts, often, sellers want to be out of a home before the holidays.  They want to be in their new digs to be able to hang a wreath on their new door and be ready for family and friends.  Use this to your advantage and make an offer the seller can't refuse.

Black Friday is your friend

The Fall is considered Furniture Season.  All the new styles are out and sales are abound.  It's a great time to be moving to a new home and outfitting it with new furniture.  Also, Black Friday is a great time to pick up new appliances and other things your new home made need.

If  you know you will be needing a new home, don't wait.  This may be yhe best time to make your move.

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